Soup Calendar: 3/19 – 3/23

I’m trying a new recipe; ready to test it out with me? A nice gormet Chunky Tomato n Basil Soup. No need for cream in this soup, it will be pureed with bits of tomato, onion and strips of basil. Even better, it’s less than 90 calories a serving.

With a soup as lean as that, we can afford to enjoy some Black Bean Salad. This can be eaten as a stand alone salad or as a salsa-like dip. A refreshing change from the cheese n bean dip from college days. Flavors include: black beans, corn, bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, pineapple and jalapeno with a sweet, smokey chipolte dressing. The nutritious fibrous beans make this about 180 calories/serving.

Later in the week, there is more flavor to come in our Red Lentil Soup. Filled with curry and coconut flavors with butternut squash, sweet potato, and mushrooms. It will put a smile on your face and another smile in your tummy. This hearty soup is about 300 calories, yet still very nutritious and health-ful.

Collards get a bad reputation. They aren’t pretty, but they are a very nutritious leafy green. We prepare our Italian Collards with onion, tomatoes, garlic and Italian spices. Please pardon the appearance and enjoy them! Add your own rice, pepper sauce and/or protein to make this side dish a complete meal. This side is about 130 calories.

Feel like a dip? If you can handle the intensity, we have our homemade Traditional Hummus ready for you! Served with a stack of zuchinni chips, it makes for a flavorful and healthy snack filled with fiber, protein and joy.

Our salads are fresh, seasonal, and diversified with a variety of veggies, protein, fiber and flavor! Featured this week is our Fresh Garden Salad. Available for delivery/pickup on Mondays and Wednesday to ensure freshness! It includes sunflower seeds, red beans, carrots, apples, blueberries, cucumber, celery, tomatos, and red onion.


3/19 – 3/21    Chunky Tomato n Basil Soup (NEW!!) (Veg-Ish)
3/19 – 3/21    Black Bean Salad (Veg-An)
3/19  only       Fresh Garden Salad (Veg-An)

3/21 – 3/23     Red Lentil Soup (Veg-An)
3/21 – 3/23     Italian Collards (Veg-An)
3/21 only         Fresh Garden Salad (Veg-An)

All week           Traditional Hummus w/ Zuchinni Chips (Veg-An)

Why not try them out and decide if you want to make them yourself! And why not share the news with your co-workers or family. They might want to order themselves (and you) for next time. The more people order, the more Caring Cuisine can continue to provide your healthy meal alternatives.

HOW TO DO IT! It’s simple & easy! You select the number of servings you want per item. Then either text at 310-344-1039 or email at with your order.

  • Soups/Sides/Dips: $3 each (cheaper than a Starbucks coffee)
  • Festive Green Salads: $5 each (much healthier than a burger)

FREE delivery with orders of $16 or more (for selected delivery areas/schedules).

I do request pre-orders so I know how much to make and minimize environmental waste. Remember, just text at 310-344-1039 or email at .

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