Soup Calendar: 8/27 – 8/31

Hot or Cold Roasted Tomato Soup Smooth, flavorful and perfect for summer either hot or cold.  You will taste the freshness (no canned tomatoes here!), along with garlic, basil, and balsamic vinegar.  Includes just a touch of Parmesan/cream for extra richness.  About 130 calories per serving.

Italian Collards

Italian Collards!  It’s hearty, flavorful and oooo so good for you.  Collards simmered with onions, tomatoes, garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes, and more.  About 130 calories per serving.

Spicy Sweet Potato  Soup  

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup!  This is a surprising favorite to many.  This brothy soup is quite exotic with sliced sweet potatoes, tomatoes, coriander, cumin seed, turmeric, and fresh ginger.  (Only 100 calories/serving)..


Three Plus Bean Salad!  Our bean salad includes green beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, roasted corn, white and green onion,bell pepper,  and parsley in a sweet n tart dressing. Would be an excellent stand-alone side or a great topper for your green salad!  About 150 calories per serving.


Traditional Hummus  w/ Celery Stix!  Simply delicious! Lemon, garlic, cumin, and home-cooked chickpeas.  Perfect balance and texture topped with a sprinkle of brightly flavored pomegranate.  Served with a stack of celery, it makes for a flavorful and healthy snack filled with fiber, protein and joy.


Italiano Salad Veggie Salad! Our BIG green salads are fresh, seasonal, and diversified with a variety of veggies, protein, fiber and flavor!  This week’s salad includes:   pecans, carrots, radish, corn, artichoke heart,  bell pepper, parsley, green and red onion, snow peas,  celery, basil, with a home-made country french dressing.  (less than 220 calories/container).

Natural Protein Bars!
  Our protein bars are getting rave reviews.  Handy, tasty, healthy, and chemical/preservative-free (so much better than the commercial ones that stay on the grocery shelf for a year!).  Each bar contains 16 grams of protein and only 180 calories.  This is a great snack/breakfast solution for busy day.

This week flavor:  Pumpkin Spice Bar or Banana/Berry Bar .

STARTING MONDAY (8/27 – 8/31)

  •  Hot or Cold Roasted Tomato Soup (Veg-Lacto)
  •  Italian Collards (Veg-Ish)
  •  Traditional Hummus Dip  (Veg-An)
  •  Veggie Green Salad  (Veg-An)
  •  Protein Bars (temporarily sold out)


    • Spicy Sweet Potato Soup (SP-Pro)
    • Three-Plus Bean Salad (Veg-An)  
    • Traditional Hummus Dip  (Veg-An)
    • Veggie Green Salad (Veg-An)
    • Protein Bars (temporarily sold out!)

HOW TO DO IT!  It’s simple & easy!  You select the number ofservings you want per item.  Then either text at 310-344-1039 or email at with your order.

Soups     Small (10 oz):  $3; Large (32 oz):  $9

Deli Sides/Dips:  $3 each (cheaper than a Starbucks coffee)

Big Green Salads:  $5 each (much healthier than a burger)

Natural Protein Bars:  $9 for 6 bars (keep frozen/refrigerated)

Homemade Bread – Full Loaf:   $5 each

FREE delivery with orders of $16 or more (for selected delivery areas/schedules).

I do request pre-orders so I know how much to make and minimize environmental waste.  Remember, just text at 310-344-1039 or email at .

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