Soup Calander: 9/3 – 9/7

Toasted Rice Soup!  Amazing taste with toasted brown rice, spinach, onions, lemon zest, and a hint of nutmeg in a vegetable broth.  I’ll include some Parmesan cheese as a topper to make this a SOUPer delight!   (200 calories/serving, inc the cheese).


Amish Slaw

 Amish Slaw!  This the tart-sweet slaw you find at the best BBQ joints in the south.  There is no mayo in this dish, so it can last (and improve) for weeks!  Includes onion, a bit of carrot, and an outstanding marinade!  (less than 90 calories per serving)

Garden Salad Garden Salad! Our BIG green salads are fresh, seasonal, and diversified with a variety of veggies, protein, fiber and flavor!  This week’s salad includes:   sunflower seeds, carrots,apple, beans, berries,  bell pepper, parsley, red onion, snap/snow peas, celery, and cherry tomatoes, with a home-made balsamic dressing.   (less than 220 calories/container).

Natural Protein Bars!
  Our protein bars are getting rave reviews.  Handy, tasty, healthy, and chemical/preservative-free (so much better than the commercial ones that stay on the grocery shelf for a year!).  Each bar contains 16 grams of protein and only 180 calories.  This is a great snack/breakfast solution for busy day.  Eat within a few days or keep in fridge for many days or freezer a few months!

This week flavor:  Pumpkin Spice Bar or Banana/Berry Bar . The lemon bars are almost ready!  We are stocked up so order and freeze!


    • Toasted Rice Soup (Veg-An)
    • Amish Slaw (Veg-An)  
    • Garden Green Salad (Veg-An)
    • Protein Bars (please specify flavor)


HOW TO DO IT!  It’s simple & easy!  You select the number of servings you want per item.  Then either text at 310-344-1039 or email at with your order.

Soups     Small (10 oz):  $3; Large (32 oz):  $9

Deli Sides/Dips:  $3 each (cheaper than a Starbucks coffee)

Big Green Salads:  $5 each (much healthier than a burger)

Natural Protein Bars:  $9 for 6 bars (keep frozen/refrigerated)

Homemade Bread – Full Loaf:   $5 each

FREE delivery with orders of $16 or more (for selected delivery areas/schedules).

I do request pre-orders so I know how much to make and minimize environmental waste.  Remember, just text at 310-344-1039 or email at .

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