Soup Calendar: 5/17 – 5/20

Starting Tues for pickup and Wednesday for delivery (5/17- 5/20)
  • Broccoli Floret Soup   (Veg-An)
  • Exotic Red Lentil Souip – (Veg-An)
  • Maple-Dill Carrots  (Veg-An) 
  • Herby Yogurt Dip w/ Stix (Veg-An)
  • Tasty Green Salad
  • Tex-Mex Bowl/Wrap
  • Hand-crafted Protein Bars
  • Brownies

Brocolli Floret Soup Broccoli Floret Soup!  Did you know that broccoli is a great source of calcium and protein?    This soup is creamy without any dairy.  The surprise is the broccoli remains in florets instead of being pureed.  It has greens, celery, garlic, and herb tastes with broccoli florets.  A serving is about 150 calories with 8 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber.

Exotic Red Lentil Soup Exotic Red Lentil Soup! Filled with curry, mint, and coconut flavors with butternut squash, yams, mushrooms and super taste! It will put a smile on your face and another smile in your tummy. This hearty soup is about 280 calories, yet still very nutritious and health-ful.

Dilly Maple Carrots Maple-Dill Carrots!  So many ways to enrich our nutrition with whole foods!  This one is yummy too!  A great combination of subtle herbs and sweetness with a’ dente carrots.  Simple, healthy and NUTRITIOUS!  Can be served hot or cold with only 75 calories.

Herby Yogurt Dip Fresh Herby Yogurt! Dip- Home-made and delicious! We combine a protein-rich Greek yogurt with FRESH parsley, dill, green onion, garlic, and lemon.  Served with a stack of carrots, it makes for a flavorful and healthy snack!

  Tex-Mex Bowl/Wrapl!  This is a favorite of many!!  Includes: Fresh couscous with lots of corn, black beans, queso cotija, red onion, roasted red pepper, jalapeno, romaine lettuce, and tex-mex seasonings;  About 320 calories per serving! Can request specials if ordered by Saturday!

      • LO-CARB Option!!  Substitute a bowl instead of tortilla  AND/OR,
      •  Chicken Option!!  Add fresh roasted chicken. Only $1 extra!
salad makins Tasty Green Salad! Our BIG green salads are fresh, seasonal, and diversified with a variety of veggies, protein, fiber and flavor!  This week’s salad includes: corn, carrots, pecans, cranberries, jicama, and red onion/parsley, with our creamy Ranch dressing.  (less than 270 calories/container).  You can ADD 64 grams of fresh roasted chicken to your salad for only $1.50!  (Pictured salad may not reflect the featured ingredients for this week)
6-pack of powerbars Natural Power Bars!  Handy, tasty, healthy, and chemical/ preservative-free (so much better than the commercial ones that stay on the grocery shelf for a year!).  Each bar contains 15 grams of protein and only 180 calories.  This is a great snack/breakfast solution for busy day. This week flavors, as available:   Raisin-Walnut.   

Energy Brownies!   Everyone needs a treat now and then!   Home-made and best eaten frozen, in my opinion!  Just a few bites can satisfy your needs!  A bit of cinnamon, walnuts n espresso make these treats special!


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