Soup Calendar: 1/30 – 2/2

Starting Tues for pickup/delivery (1/30 – 2/2)  
  • Toasted Rice Soup! (Veg-An option)
  • Roasted Beets n Oranges (Veg-An)
  • Red Pepper Hummus w/ stix
  • Chinese Bowl Only
  • Raspberry Vinaigrette Green Salad!
  • Hand-crafted Power Bars!
  • Brownies



Toasted Rice Soup Toasted Rice Soup!  Amazing taste with toasted rice, spinach, onions, lemon zest, and a hint of nutmeg in a vegetable broth. I’ll include some Parmesan cheese  to make this a SOUPer delight!  (200 calories/serving, inc the cheese).
Please let me know when ordering if you do NOT want cheese

Roasted Beets n Orange Roasted Beets w/Orange!   This lovely side dish that can be served cold or warm.  We supply a tart dressing super-flavored with orange, orange sauce, thyme.  Great alone or on a bed of greens.   About 130 calories per serving.
Red Pepper Hummus w/ Stix! Home-made and delicious! Lemon, garlic, cumin, and roasted red pepper with blended chickpeas! Served with a stack of celery stix, it makes for a flavorful and healthy snack filled with fiber, protein and joy

Chinese Chicken Bowl This week, try our Chinese Bowl. This yummy flavor is too moist for a wrap, so we offer the bowls this week!  Includes:  sesame couscous, with shredded cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, water chestnuts, and green onions,  We provide a bit of soy sauce on the side if you need it zippier!  Less than 300 cals/serving and served fresh and tasty

  • Chicken Option!!  Add 42 grams of fresh roasted chicken if ordered by Saturday for next week! Only $1 extra!
Festive Green Salads Festive Green Salad! Our BIG green salads are fresh, seasonal, and diversified with a variety of veggies, protein, fiber and flavor!  This week’s salad includes: zucchini, tomato, roasted walnuts, corn, roasted beets/carrots, and red onion, with a raspberry vinaigrette. You can

 64 grams of fresh roasted chicken to your salad for only $1.50! (picture may not represent current menu item)


 Natural Power Bars!Handy, tasty, healthy, and chemical/ preservative-free (so much better than the commercial ones that stay on the grocery shelf for a year!).  Each bar contains 15 grams of protein and only 180 calories.  This is a great snack/breakfast solution for busy day. This week  we offer  a  Orange-Cranberry!

Energy Brownies!   Everyone needs a treat now and then!   Home-made and best eaten frozen, in my opinion!  Just a few bites can satisfy your needs!  A bit of cinnamon n espresso make these treats special!

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