Caring Cuisine delivers healthy, great-tasting, hand-crafted soups and sides to the South Bay of  Los Angeles.

As a personal fitness trainer, Cari understands the importance of high quality, healthy food to nourish your body, mind and soul.  She decided to stop just telling her clients how to eat better, and instead, started to provide her clients with healthy, convenient veggie-filled soups, salads, dips, etc.  to augment their healthy lifestyle changes.

And, both she and they liked it!

So now, she is offering you the same healthy cuisine that her private fitness clients have enjoyed over the last year.

Caring Cuisine is not like a fast-food delivery service.  We pride ourselves on making fresh, diverse menu items; so the menu changes every week!  We prepare your food freshly, and bring it to you promptly so you can enjoy the full taste and nutrition of our dishes!  We use the honor system;  if you order it, we trust you will purchase it.  If you don’t like it,  we understand and you’ll be reimbursed.  There are no long term commitments or daily meal obligations.  Just order what you want each week and enjoy it!

Learn how easy it is to enjoy your healthy food service by visiting How It Works!  The soup calendar is posted each Wednesday morning in blog format.

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  1. Is your food low sodium and low in sugar? Which food category would we select. My father in law is diabetic and has congested heart failure so we’re concerned about foods that contain a lot of sodium and sugar.

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