Weekly Menus!

Check out what we are serving up!  We typically publish the following week’s menu each Wednesday morning!  We highly encourage you to pre-order next week’s food that day so we make sure to cook enough to fill your belly!  But we will certainly do our best to fill your requests whenever they are received.

To help you in ordering, we provide categories of each of our menu items to assist those who are specific in what they eat.  Here is the decoder ring:

  • Omni-Vor   (Everything is OK!)
  • Veg-Ish   (Dairy, eggs, chicken broth, legumes, grains ok!  No animal protein pieces)
  • Veg-Ovo   (Eggs, legumes, grains ok!  No dairy, animal protein pieces)
  • Veg-Lacto   (Dairy, legumes grains ok!  No eggs, animal protein pieces)
  • Veg-An   (Legumes, grains ok!  No eggs, dairy, chicken broth, animal protein pieces)
  • SP-Pro   (No legumes, grains, nuts, eggs, dairy, chicken broth, animal protein pieces… but anything else is ok!)


Soups quart-size:   $11

Deli Sides/Dips:  $3.5 each (cheaper than a Starbucks coffee)

Festive Green Salads:  $6 each (much healthier than a burger),  $1.50 for added protein (see weekly menu)

Wraps/Bowls:  $5 each; fresh and delicious cold or 30 secs in the toaster oven.  $1.50 for added protein (see weekly menu)

Handcrafted Power Bars:  $11 for 6 bars (keeps in fridge or freezer!)

Energy Brownies:  $2.5/Square

Delivery:  $4 (available for selected delivery areas/schedules)

Cash, zelle, paypal, checks accepted

Simply text us or orders at 310-344-1039 or email at info@caring-cuisine.com.  If you are a new customer, we’ll contact you to coordinate the details of becoming an official Souptarian.

One thought on “Weekly Menus!

  1. I just say how amazing the food is and how amazing chief Elizabeth Ferrari is. And she does an amazing job

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