Our Soup Family Album

The Soup Group is growing!  Please read their reviews: 







Adriana and Caring Cuisine

“Just when I think it cannot get better, you make another dish that is heavenly.  The Garbanzo Dill Melody was scrumdeliumptious—you just know how to put the right foods together and make it taste like a little piece of heaven.  You make eating healthy, enjoyable and continuous!  Your food could convert any junk food junkie!” Renée Sanchez Durbin, BioMed Labs



Stash Ortiz and Caring-Cuisine

I love all of the services offered by Muscles for Me!!!!  Cari is an amazing “health care” mentor and her work ethic to provide a healthier you bring you results.   More importantly, you can trust Cari to passionately  engage with you personally and offer you special services to meet your individual needs to include, and definitely not limited to, personal training with a wide variety of well prepared workouts, nutritional guidance and prepared awesome fresh healthy meals for our enjoyment and convenience…not to mention, and you will have so much energy!!!  Take it from me, connecting with Cari at Muscles for Me is the smartest and best choice for you!!!  I’ve partnered with several trainers and you will get the best bang for your buck with Cari…She is a gift!!!  Remember Commitment & Consistency = Results!!!!  Make it happen for you today…..call Cari.  Cathy Pederson, Torrance, CA.

“I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed the items I have ordered over the past two weeks of trying your service.  Both the Mushroom Spinach Soup and the Cool Gazpacho this week were so tasty, and the Ratatouille and Collards in Brown Rice were delicious surprises. I am also so thankful for the convenience, the variety of healthy, flavorful and low-fat vegetarian menu items and your commitment to good nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyles.” Roxanne mOrrow, Communications Director

Soup Family


I have enjoyed everything so far. Yummy! And I love to have someone else cook for me. And healthy too. And the price is right. I am not a cook. For myself, I am only capable of making smoothies and sometimes Trader Joe’s prepared foods. You fill in the gaps  nicely.”   Via Page, Yoga Instructor

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